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Paranormal Analysis Society of Arkansas


Hello and Welcome to the home of (PAS) Paranormal Analysis Society of Arkansas. We are a nonprofit Paranormal Research group base in North Central Arkansas. We offer our services free of charge.

Our Mission is to collect and analyze any evidence of the said paranormal activity while ruling out other possible explanations. Our goal is to further the understanding of said paranormal phenomenon  and anomolies. 

We do not do cleansings or any other interventions. Beware of persons or groups that offer such services. For paranormal phenomenon are mostly unexplained.

Latest Investigations

     Over the last few months there have been alot of changes. The group has been on couple of investigations, the founder has been to ParaCon 2009 and is working on some upcoming investigatons and events. Two of our group members have given birth so the investigations that where scheduled had to be rescheduled. However, the rest of the group have been out at a couple of the other sites that we have done before to see if we could retreive any further evidence. Of which you may check out our photo page for new pictures.

Check out for rest of the Investigations and Photo pages:

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
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The equipment we are using at present-Kodak CX7310 Digital camera, Pentax K1000 35mm camera, Sony Handycam with night vision, Panasonic 700X Digital Zoom with nightshot, 2 Kodak Color surveillance cameras and GE personal recorder and GE digital recorder and Thermometers and EMF Meters. And most importantly an open mind and NO Smoking for obvious reasons.

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All  materials and photos on this site are the sole copyrights © 2002-2009  PAS & CVH of Arkansas.